Actual Atlanta Broadcast

"Average statewide SAT scores dropped for the FOURTH YEAR IN A ROW."

"The average SAT score for Georgia students this year was 1453."
Graphic: "This year: 1453"


Graphic: "Last year: 1450"


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Using each of the following n x n matrices in turn, regard C^n as a C[x]-module: find all C[x]-submodules of C^n, and find a generating set which is as small as possible (C is the set of complex numbers; I can't type it with the bar it should have).

(2 0)
(0 2)

(1 0)
(0 2)

(1 0)
(1 1)

Someone posted this on another website, asking me for help, and I've NO IDEA what a C[x]-module is. Any ideas?

A Swing and a Miss

C and I are at a party. Rafi's neighbor (who is all of ten, maybe) examines C and myself. "You two married?" she inquires. C assures her we are not. "Oh," she says, "you're in college."

Playboy Movie Reviews - March 1970

I have quite a collection of old-school Playboy magazines. While they fall quite a bit short of the internet in terms of porn (I mean, please), they are a fascinating look at popular culture in a time gone by. If you're interested, I've transcribed a couple of the movie reviews from March of 1970 verbatim below.


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Anyway, I thought it was an interesting look at James Bond before Moore, but after Connery, and a look at M*A*S*H before the asterisks, the tv show, and of course before Alan Alda redefined the story, the character, and the war.

Whatcha think? Would you be interested in seeing more of these?

Movie Trivia

Obviously, I want you to try to do these without the internet:

1 - Name all ten movies that have grossed more than $100M, consist of exactly one word in the title, and the title starts with the letter 'T'. HINT: Yes, the first one you're going to think of is "Titanic". "Tron", however, was not that successful...

2 - Name the very first movie featuring Wesley Snipes alongside Woody Harrelson. HINT: It's a sports movie...

This has been Movie Minutiae with Codimension4. ;)

Matthew McGrory

Matthey McGrory passed away at the age of 32, and, according to Wikipedia, he was 7'6" tall, and had studied law at Widener University. He is featured in the movies "House of 1000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects", both of which were written and directed by Rob Zombie.

His character's name is "Tiny".

At the opening of "The Devil's Rejects", Tiny is dragging a naked woman through the woods. There's one particular shot where you can really tell the disparity in their heights, and Zombie notes the she was "really short".

On the advice of Rob Zombie himself, from the audio commentary, I have photoshopped the stuntwoman into a vertical position, so that we can compare her size to McGrory.

I'm going to put this behind a cut, since there's the tiniest amount of nudity (she's completely naked, but even so it's almost SFW). I've punched up the light levels so that McGrory's figure is more clearly seen.

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While "House of 1000 Corpses" is hard to watch, (aside from getting great joy out of watching terrible things happen to Dwight Schrute) it really sets up the sequel, which is actually pretty good. There's a part of me that wants to edit these two movies together into a really solid three-hour movie.

This has been "Hollywood Minutiae", with your host, Codimension4.